The 'American Idol' Watchlist: For Two Girls, It'll Be So Close Yet So Far
The 'American Idol' Watchlist: For Two Girls, It'll Be So Close Yet So Far
Now, unless there's another last minute schedule swap, you can expect to hear the eight remaining girls perform for that spot on the Top 12 tonight. It's another week of American Idol, kids, and I do not know where to start.

Scratch that. I think I do know where to start: with the fact that it's the final week of semifinals. By Thursday night, two more guys and two more girls leave us, and the competition takes one more step up the ladder. With the Top 12, stakes are upped further, and we'll see the singers challenged further with more thoughtful themes. Billboard hits, goodbye for another year.

And, two weeks in, the people who will form the Top 12 is getting just a little clearer. Sure, I still think they're playing it safe (despite how risky the idea of Idol going indie is) but at least we're seeing some contestants who have huge potential, and contestants who are just more hot air than anybody. But that's a bigger problem with the guys: the girls have been more impressive so far. Thus, the eliminations could be a little more painful for the girls... but that's not saying nobody deserves to go.

Still, Crystal Bowersox and Lilly Scott are shoo-ins for the Top 12, and maybe Siobhan Magnus too, considering how endearing her oddness has become with the judges (and at least one fan--me). As for the rest, well, there is still work to do, and that's where today's watchlist comes in handy. I promise, next week this will be a little more creative.

Lacey Brown, again. I've said this again and again: Lacey's got it, but she can't seem to get it right. Last week's performance may be better than the week before, but she's still in serious threat of elimination. One very good performance isn't going to change a lot, I'm afraid, but my fingers are crossed she at least makes it to the Top 12. That's less painful that being so close yet so far, right?

Didi Benami. Didi's problems are pretty much the same as Lacey's, only it happened in the opposite direction: her second performance was ripped apart more than her first. I think she still has a bigger fanbase, but she's got more work to do if she's to prove that she really deserves the slot. Personally, I left the Didi bandwagon after an average two weeks, but I still believe she's got it.

Now that I thought of it, I compared both Didi and Lacey to Megan Joy during the audition episodes. I guess I should regret that now, right?

Katie Stevens. On the contrary, I was never in the Katie bandwagon, but it's pretty obvious she'll make it deep into the competition. Yes, her voice is amazing: it's only the song choices that need sorting out. While her being eliminated is totally out of the question, I'd like to see her get the formula right this time: picking a song that's young and fresh and also shows off her beautiful voice.

What happens tonight, however, is anyone's guess at this point. It's not just because spoilers are hard to come by: it's also because it's been pretty average at this point. I think we all need stimulation, right? And not just Siobhan's oft-quoted last note...

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