The 'American Idol' Watchlist: Andrew Garcia vs the Rest of the Top 12 Guys?
The 'American Idol' Watchlist: Andrew Garcia vs the Rest of the Top 12 Guys?
Last night on American Idol, the girls have shown their stuff, with a few hits and a few misses--overall, we're having a hard time figuring out who will certainly be eliminated. Remember, kids: four are going tomorrow night, so you've got to out a little more thought to who you pick on our Fantasy TV contest, featuring Noopie.

Anyway, the guys. There's one obvious thing tonight: Andrew Garcia will rock everyone's socks. That explains the title--I know it's too early to tell, but with his impressive performances during the auditions, plus the matter of him being the most-buzzed Idol contestant this season so far, what else could go wrong? If you're capable of turning that totally unlistenable song that is "Fireflies" around into something I'll actually try listening to, then you deserve all the praise.

That said, Andrew is not the only person to watch out for in tonight's performance show. Within the two-hour program, you might also want to take a look at:

Tim Urban. With Chris Golightly blabbing on in the background about why he shouldn't be disqualified from the show in the first place, there's one voice we're not hearing: the replacement, Tim Urban. He didn't impress me during the Hollywood auditions, I'll tell you that, but now he's on the Idol stage, I'm willing to give him one more chance. Does he actually have the chops to make it far, or will he just a half-hit wonder who'll pack his bags before you could complain, "what about Thaddeus Johnson?"

Aaron Kelly. For the same reasons as Tim, only without the disqualification drama. Some of us here think he'll make it far thanks to his teenage charms, but I say he'll have to prove himself as well. But no, I won't be that hard on him... at least not yet.

Michael Lynche. Solely because I definitely expect Idol to have a camera crew when he finally meets his new baby. If that happens, don't blame the singer: blame the messenger.

Joe Munoz. Among the Top 12 guys, he's the guy I absolutely cannot remember seeing anywhere, and as we all know, it's not a good sign for anyone who wants to make it far. But, since he made it this far, he's got to be pretty good. After Paige Miles' nervous-but-chock-full-of-potential performance last night, not to mention Siobhan Magnus' little turnaround, I'm wondering whether Joe actually has the chops to impress us.

Andrew Garcia. I mention his name again just to push my earlier point.

A little reminder of what will happen tomorrow night: four contestants get the toss, and Kris Allen kicks off Idol Gives Back with a performance (spoilers suggest they're sticking with last night's Beatles theme). Oh, and squeeeeee, Allison Iraheta's performing, too. I told you, I'll do anything to prove my point.

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