The 'American Idol' Top 9: Which Two Are Going Home?
The 'American Idol' Top 9: Which Two Are Going Home?
Ryan Seacrest had a strong warning last night. The only save the judges can use this season has been used on Michael Lynche. Once you get the least number of votes, you're going home. There are no more second chances.

If only it was that easy. American Idol last night was underwhelming: the performances weren't really up to par with Elvis Presley. Save one or two contestants, anybody could be going home tonight. The numbers suggest, though, that Andrew Garcia is one of those people going home tonight. And the other person going home? That's where the hard data I'm crunching comes in.

Here's what you think, as collected through our polls last night, your Fantasy TV picks, and the combined intellectual power that is Abbey and Henrik... trying to think of that person accompanying Andrew. My head hurts a little bit.

Your FantasyTV Picks for Elimination:

Andrew Garcia - 66%
Tim Urban - 16%
Aaron Kelly - 7%

Remember you can change your Fantasy TV Picks until 12pm PST.

Poll results from last night's live thoughts:

Best performance of the night:

Crystal Bowersox's "Saved": 34%
Lee Dewyze's "A Little Less Conversation": 29%

14% of you think "best is an overstatement" last night.

Worst performance of the night:

Andrew Garcia's "Hound Dog": 77%
Aaron Kelly's "Blue Suede Shoes": 7%

Tim and Siobhan's performances are tied at 3%. 7% of you think all of the performances last night sucked.

Who will be eliminated tonight?

Andrew Garcia: 77%
Siobhan Magnus: 11%
Katie Stevens: 6%

Experts' picks for elimination:

Abbey Simmons' bottom three:

Aaron Kelly
Andrew Garcia
Katie Stevens

Tim Urban could take over Aaron's place, but ultimately, it's Andrew and Katie who are going home.

Henrik Batallones' bottom three:

Aaron Kelly
Andrew Garcia
Michael Lynche (the sympathy vote isn't as strong as it looks!)

Katie's got a small chance of making the bottom three, replacing Big Mike. I won't be surprised to see Siobhan Magnus in here, too. For me, it's Aaron and Andrew who are headed home.

Now, the question, again: should we expect another shocker? Or are things so certain we should just wait for our 2000 points on Fantasy TV?

(Image courtesy of Fox)