The 'American Idol' Top 5: Who's Going Home?
The 'American Idol' Top 5: Who's Going Home?
The idea is simple: the less finalists we have to consider, the harder it gets to predict who'll be going home on American Idol. That was the case last week, when almost all of us predicted Aaron Kelly packing his bags, only to see Siobhan Magnus go home. This week? It might be a bit easier.

However there's no telling what would happen next. Some say the judges may have been too harsh on certain contestants, and the fans might have risen up and started a revolution on the phone lines. But will that make any dent? Or is fate not going to be denied? As always, I'm here crunching the numbers from Fantasy TV and last night's polls, because they're as delicious as muesli in the morning. Also, Abbey and I--your esteemed Idol experts--have our picks for elimination. That happens to be unanimous, too...

Your FantasyTV Picks for Elimination:

Casey James - 53%
Aaron Kelly - 23%
Michael Lynche - 19%

Poll results from last night's live thoughts:

Best performance of the night:

Lee Dewyze's "That's Life": 69%
Crystal Bowersox's "Summer Wind": 20%
Michael Lynche's "The Way You Look Tonight": 6%

Worst performance of the night:

Casey James' "Blue Skies": 64%
Aaron Kelly's "Fly Me To The Moon": 18%
Crystal Bowersox's "Summer Wind": 14%

Who will be eliminated tonight?

Casey James: 50%
Aaron Kelly: 31%
Crystal Bowersox: 10%

Experts' picks for elimination:

Like last week, Abbey and I picked the same person. One, Lee Dewyze is definitely safe. Two, Crystal Bowersox could skip the bottom three like she always has. That means our bottom three is:

Aaron Kelly
Casey James
Michael Lynche

We both think Casey James is going home tonight. Abbey won't be surprised if either Aaron or Big Mike does, though. I bet the fans will vote crazy to keep him in, but it'll be all in vain.

So, are we right? Are we wrong? Will something shocking happen again tonight--and by shocking, I don't mean Lady Gaga's performance--or will it be something we've all seen coming? Me, I just hope to get back on track on Fantasy TV. I'm in 50th place or something!

(Image courtesy of Fox)