The 'American Idol' Top 24: Who's Going Home?
The 'American Idol' Top 24: Who's Going Home?
One week down, and loads more to go. We've had a handful of good performances on American Idol this week, but for the most part we've seen safe performances, nervous performances and the occasional train wreck. And with four contestants going home tonight--two guys and two girls--it's going to be extra hard to decide who will be given the boot. I'm not really that good at math, so can anyone calculate a contestant's chances of survival?

Kidding aside, though, we've utilized our slightly scientific method of determining who's going home tonight, by compiling all your poll votes and Fantasy TV predictions (where you can win stuff especially if you beat Anoop Desai), as well as the thoughts of your resident American Idol experts.

Poll results from this week's live thoughts:

Favorite female performance this week:

Crystal Bowersox's "Hand In My Pocket": 39%
Lilly Scott's "Fixing A Hole": 20%
Katelyn Epperly's "Oh Darling": 16%

Favorite male performance this week:

Casey James' "Heaven": 52%
Lee Dewyze's "Chasing Cars": 19%
Andrew Garcia's "Sugar, We're Going Down": 14%

Least favorite female performance this week:
Haeley Vaughn's "I Want To Hold Your Hand": 44%
Lacey Brown's "Landslide": 26%
Ashley Rodriguez's "Happy": 18%

Least favorite male performance this week:
Jermaine Sellers' "Get Here": 35%
Tim Urban's "Apologize": 33%
Todrick Hall's "Since U Been Gone": 10%

Which female contestant will be eliminated?
Haeley Vaughn: 39%
Paige Miles: 29%
Lacey Brown: 18%

Which male contestant will be eliminated?
Jermaine Sellers: 34%
Tim Urban: 33%
Alex Lambert: 16%

Your Fantasy TV Picks:

Ladies Leaving Us:
Lacey Brown - 18%
Haeley Vaughn - 17%

Guys Going Home:
Jermaine Sellers - 11%
Tim Urban - 10%

According to you Crystal Bowersox is the safest contestant. Only %.053 of chose her for elimination.

Experts' picks for elimination:

Abbey Simmons picks:
Jermaine Sellers
Lacey Brown (sadly, sadly, sadly)
Paige Miles
Tim Urban

Although Alex Lambert and Haeley Vaughn are in serious danger, too.

Henrik Batallones picks:
Alex Lambert
Ashley Rodriguez
Paige Miles
Tim Urban

Haeley Vaughn's in danger, but she'll hold on. Lacey Brown is a toss-up.

And that's where we stand on this, the very first week of actual singing--and the very first week of voting. Who do you think will be going home tonight?

(Image courtesy of Fox)