The 'American Idol' Top 12 Watchlist: Will We Get (No) Satisfaction?
The 'American Idol' Top 12 Watchlist: Will We Get (No) Satisfaction?
In the words of The Pretenders' Chrissy Hynde, "stop stop stop stop stop stop your sobbing."

I think I've gotten over the tripe that was last week's eliminations, also known as the day when somebody mindlessly threw a banana peel on the stage, and took three talented performers tumbling down. That's after a weekend of me and my sister exchanging screams of "devastating!" while watching Lilly Scott's performances. And, at least, I have two other bets, one of which is so painfully obvious I think I should jump out of the window.

No, I won't, because the really good part of the competition finally starts tonight. Yay, American Idol's Top 12 week! The girls and the guys mingling together, one in butchering the beautiful Rolling Stones back catalog. Okay, so I was exaggerating, but the thought of Katie Stevens or Andrew Garcia or Tim Urban taking on a Stones track with their trademark sense of loss isn't exactly an exciting prospect. But that's what makes this week, and the ten weeks that follow, exciting: the contestants really have to flex their muscles, and hopefully the best comes out alive.

And by "the best" I don't mean Tim Six-Pack.

On to my watchlist, then. There aren't much spoilers around, but in an unusual move, Fox has released the songs the contestants will choose from on iTunes. That makes guessing what they'll sing easier--in case you haven't seen it, Abbey's got her own ideas here. As for me, well, here's the things you should watch out for on tonight's performance show and tomorrow night's results:

Yesterday's birthday girl, Siobhan Magnus. Okay, this is dead obvious. Let it be stated here, that the glassblower is my official favorite to win it all this year. (Even if, well, I agree with Abbey when she says it wouldn't be the case.) Seriously, though, I put her here because she's the only person with a song spoiler at the moment, "Paint It Black". And I can't imagine what she'll do with it because whenever I hear the original I imagine cowboys running in the wild.

Paige Miles, who apparently has a throat infection. "I have completely lost my voice!" she tweeted yesterday. I see several scenarios: either she gets disqualified for this (not good), she gets a free pass to next week (not good), or she sings nonetheless, wrecks the whole song, and gets eliminated anyway (not good). Still, if this paves the way for a few calls in the blogs to bring back either Katelyn Epperly or Lilly Scott...

David Cook, Ke$ha and Orianthi. It's a pretty packed results show on Wednesday night. There's Ke$ha, she who feels like P. Diddy and doesn't like Mick Jagger look-a-likes... ooops. She'll be performing her latest single, "Blah Blah Blah". There's Orianthi, also known as Michael Jackson's cool guitarist as seen on This Is It: she'll do a repeat of what she did in So You Think You Can Dance last season, with a performance of "According to You". And then there's David Cook, season 7 winner, who's rumored to be doing a Rolling Stones cover--that, or he excites the fanbase with new material--provided he finds time off Chatroulette. (IdolsNow reports that he's doing "Jumpin' Jack Flash". You can strike that off the Top 12's song list, but my senses still say "new material".)

The new Idol stage. A new season means a new stage, and while I don't expect much of a difference, it's one of the things I look forward to every season. Yes, I'm a little bit of a dork like that. Here's hoping it doesn't involve any moving parts that break down and cause injury, like last year...

But more than anything else, my question for this week: Will the Top 12 finally prove themselves worthy of their placing tonight, or will it be a fail that's more epic than an epic fail? Will we get what we want, or will we all angrily go "get off my cloud"? That, of course, remains to be seen.

(Image courtesy of Fox)