The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Mile High Aspirations
The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Mile High Aspirations
I'm struggling with you, Denver. You had train wrecks (hello, "world's greatest singer") and a dude who wore a bikini possibly to promote the radio station he works for. Okay, so you had good singers too--a 90's throwback, a squeaky lounge singer... oh, and the two people that made my American Idol honor roll today. The only problem is, there really isn't much to talk about, because even a hundred billion Google searches (see what I did there?) isn't giving me many yeses.

The obligatory shoutout: Haeley Vaughn. Like with most of my obligatory shoutouts, Haeley made it here because her name's on the spoilers. That said, I wasn't that impressed with her. Yes, she's perky and has the personality to carry her far, but her audition didn't impress me much. She passed of as trying too hard with that Carrie Underwood song. Sure, she wants to be the first black pop-country crossover artist, but she should've auditioned with a different song, right?

Still, her MySpace page is set to private, and her recent mood says "so blessed", so I guess that says something.

This week's honoree: Danelle Hayes. The problem with the covers-singer-slash-karaoke-host from Seattle was, she oversang her song. That apart, I did hear some traces of Allison Iraheta in her audition--the I'm-losing-my-breath-and-I-need-to-catch-up bit. You know what I mean.

She's performed with a cover band, as well as in casinos and corporate events, but it's absolutely odd that I don't see much about those events, or her cover band, online. (Only thing I found was a date for her upcoming gig: she's singing in a Seattle hotel the day before Valentine's day.) But I did find a couple of YouTube videos, with her playing the piano while singing. And while some people think she'd be limited be her genre, these videos prove otherwise.

Still, the fact that I'm seeing her name on a hotel's events schedule probably means she didn't make it that far. Unfortunate, since she wants to break out of her shell so bad, something that (ironically) Simon, the guy who some British musicians blame for unleashing crap records across the pond, said.

(Image courtesy of Fox)