The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Ladies Night is Beatles Night
The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Ladies Night is Beatles Night
One of the many thoughts in my head after watching American Idol last night: wasn't that a bit of a throwback to Beatles week in the seventh season? They even put the Beatles performances--Lilly Scott's, Katelyn Epperly's and Haeley Vaughn's--together!

Now, I'm in the middle of rediscovering the Beatles, especially since their whole back catalogue was just reissued (and with better sound, I must add), so I was a little anxious how this would pan out. But I'm glad to say the three performances gave justice to the songs they chose, albeit with varying degrees.

Lilly Scott: "Fixing A Hole"

First up was Lilly, with a song choice so random I didn't even recall the song at first listen. And then, "oh, right, this, from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band!" I've always loved Lilly for giving a different, quirky spin to everything, and while her performance last night was a bit more faithful to the original, she certainly proved that she's not just a singer, but an artist. (Randy, she's not just like an indie artist. She is an indie artist.) It's certainly a memorable first performance, something that'll keep her going until, I don't know, the middle of the Top 12?

Katelyn Epperly: "Oh! Darling"

Since we didn't see much of her during the auditions, I figured she wouldn't last. She'd churn out a forgettable performance, get booted off, and that's it. That said, her performance was surprisingly good! Granted, it's down to song choice--"Oh! Darling" suited her nicely, with the slight growl--but she got it down pat and provided one of the best performances of the night. Thus, I don't understand why Simon called it a mess. Sir, she was supposed to scream.

Haeley Vaughn: "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

And finally, Haeley Vaughn, she who aims to be the first black pop-country star but passes off to me as someone who doesn't really know what she wants to be. Now, I'm on the record in liking how she arranged this song. It's chilled and modern, and it brings back my little memories of being on the beach in summer. That said, the very problem I have is her vocals. I'm okay with it not being as good as the others, but it seems she didn't know where to send that voice. Imagine me watching with glee, and then squinting whenever she hits those high notes. Still, kudos on sounding fun.

Last night's lesson: if you're going to do something to a song, especially if it's from someone as revered as the Beatles, stick with it. That's where Lilly won, and that's where Haeley stumbled--there is a reason why the folks at Vote for the Worst are officially supporting her now.

(Images courtesy of Fox)