The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Karen Rodriguez Saved Los Angeles, Sort Of
The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Karen Rodriguez Saved Los Angeles, Sort Of
I never thought I could do so many things while watching American Idol. Last night, for instance, I found myself chopping some tomatoes and onions for a quick salsa. I was also watching CNN (in between ad breaks, of course) to catch up on the Egyptian impasse. And I went to the toilet at least four times, since I had at least four glasses of water, because I found myself drifting off...

Hey, maybe I should devote today's Honor Roll to us Idol fans who sat through the atrocity that was the Los Angeles auditions! I wonder how many people made it to Hollywood? I also wonder why people who went to audition in Los Angeles insist that they'll be going to Hollywood with whatever passed off as talent -- when they can just go there and see the sights since they're in LA anyway? (I'm talking to you, Human Tornado guy.)

You know, I really would devote this Honor Roll to us, but I liked someone from that pile of bleep. It's not Tim Halperin, since I thought he lacked the spark (but he's definitely going the pop route, I can see it). It's not the Gutierrez brothers, since I wanted to see them sing separately. Today's pick is someone from the other end of the country -- there goes the irony-- someone who auditioned on MySpace, got flown here, and in the little screen time she got, pretty much impressed me.

Karen Rodriguez: Blink Long Enough And You'll Miss It

Karen vows to be the first Latina Idol winner. (Could've been a certain former red-haired teen, you know...) It doesn't look like a very hard task from what I heard: she controlled herself but showed a good range, and I can hear her going down the pop-R&B route -- a Latina Mariah Carey, perhaps?

Apart from that, I don't know as much. She's 21, she's a student, and she's based in new York. She appeared on TRL alongside Jennifer Lopez, as she pointed out, but I couldn't find clips. A quick trawl through her Facebook page unveils that she's half Puerto Rican and half Dominican, and that she's been singing since elementary school.

Oh, and also, that she was part of a Puerto Rican talent show, Objetiva Fama. She didn't win the competition, but she made it pretty far, leaving on the 12th week. Cue one clip, obviously in Spanish -- anybody please translate?

And here's her singing a Michael Jackson song:

I guess we all agree that the Los Angeles auditions didn't go so well. (Aye, Nigel. Aye.) But hey, at least we got her. And three other guys. Still, I wonder how many made it that far?

(Image courtesy of Fox)