The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Watching Kids Sing = Me Feeling Old
The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Watching Kids Sing = Me Feeling Old
The good news is, the American Idol auditions in New Orleans were much better. The bad news is, it makes me feel really, really old.

Though, it really shouldn't. I mean, teens have always made it to Hollywood, to the Top 12 and even to the finale. (My favorites in the past two years have been younger than me. I think the last favorite who's older than me was David Cook.) Things haven't really changed this time around -- at least until you remember that the age limit has been dropped to 15, presumably to capitalize on the popularity of a certain kid named Justin Bieber. Having that fact hovering around is making me feel really old, even if I'm still watching people who are the same age as, say, Allison Iraheta was when she was on the show.

Anyway, let's begin with the second installment of the American Idol Honor Roll this season, with (again) two standouts from last night's auditions.

Honoree #1: Brett Loewenstern

Brett is 17. (That's totally fine.) He's the guy from Boca Raton who was bullied. He's the guy with the well-conditioned hair. He's the guy who sounds like Chris Colfer when he speaks but sounds like Jason Mraz when he sings. He's got this easygoing vibe that you wouldn't suspect when you first see him.

Apart from that, I haven't found much about him, I'm afraid. His MySpace page has gone missing. His Twitter account's been inactive for a couple of years. But YouTube has a lot of videos of him doing covers or performing in clubs, and you can't deny that there's something waiting to be discovered, never mind that he's another WGWG (ahem, white guy with a guitar). He's laid-back but not pretentious.

Honoree #2: Jacee Badeaux

Now, Jacee really makes me feel old. He's 15, he looks like he's 12, and he's got a very pure voice, one that usually goes poof when puberty kicks in. The kid's been performing both for his school choir (check him out in the video below -- he's the kid in the middle) and the Fantasia Youth Choir. He also won a local FOX affiliate's contest, Baton Rouge Idol, which earned him a slot on the Idol auditions.

Carla calls him a "male, child version of Susan Boyle," while I'd like to call him a more classical Justin Bieber. We both agree on one thing, though: His voice just sounds so young, like he hasn't hit puberty yet -- and there's no telling if he'll still have that voice in the long run, or even in the middle of the competition! Carla thinks he might have difficulty fitting into the show, but I'm withholding that judgment -- Charlotte Church transitioned to a pop career, after all. Let's just hope he copes with all the pressure -- he just seems like this cute little boy who has yet to explore the world.

Second installment of the Americal Idol Honor Roll: done! Again, did I miss out on anyone? And don't go complaining about not mentioning Sarah Sellers -- I want to, but I'm not really convinced yet.

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