The 80th Annual Academy Awards: The Best and Worst of the Red Carpet
The 2007 Academy Awards were on last night, and to be honest, I found it a snoozefest. The Oscars are so long and tedious and self-important. Even if I agree with who gets the awards or not, I don't ever enter Oscar pools, so I don't have a whole lot riding on the hours-long event anyway.

But what I do love watching are all the beautiful gowns that the actresses wear on the red carpet. It's my one bit of celeb envy. I wish that I regularly had fabulous gala events to attend, while wearing custom-made gowns costing thousands of dollars, too. And because Schadenfreude is my middle name, I also love to criticize the hideousness that some stars insist on wearing. I'm sure you'll agree, it's more fun to criticize the bad looks anyway.

Read on to see who my picks were for best and worst dressed.

Worst Dressed: Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful woman with beautiful, voluptuous curves. She has a gorgeous complexion and beautiful eyes.  She had the potential to be a true stunner on the red carpet this year, but, sadly, she squandered it by deciding to go with this horrendously unflattering Roberto Cavalli floor-length gown. The empire waist is all wrong on her, especially because of the weird cinching underneath the bust. The fabric over the bust area poufs uniformly to produce an unfortunate uni-boob effect. She has one gigantic, cycloptic breast.

Best Dressed: Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum can do no wrong in my eyes. There was a lot of red on the red carpet this year, but Heidi's gown takes top honors. Her dress has a full skirt, yet still manages to show off her enviable figure. The entire ensemble has drama and eye-catching pageantry without being too garish. Normally, I involuntarily shudder whenever I see taffeta because I had a bad experience with a bridesmaid's dress once, but Heidi's dress is nothing but elegance.  The collar of her dress is very reminiscent of Chris March's couture style, but toned down for the red carpet.  Does this mean that Chris will be the winner of Project Runway this season?  Oh, I sure hope so!

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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