Starvation Fails, Will Endurance Oust American Idol's Sanjaya
People think that all of the anti-Sanjaya press must be having a huge psychological impact on the plucky talent impaired waif.  If I am Sanjaya Malakar, here is what I'm doing right now:  Laughing.   Why?  The anti-Sanjaya campaigns, large and small, have done more for this kid's career than America Idol will ever do, and I am sure he knows that.  Whether he wins, or gets voted off next week, Sanjaya will be a household name for the history of this show.  Somehow, the concept of Sanjaya as an affront to the perceived 'standards' of American Idol has elevated the debate over good taste.  Is it cheating?  Is it teenage lust?  Does it matter?  Look at the offers that were presented to Antonella Barba following her mildly controversial stint with American Idol.

With Fox's Executive VP’s touting the Sanjaya phenomenon as legitimate who could deny the likely hood that this kid has a, minimum, six figure record deal waiting for him on the other side of the show.  The industries that cater to the demographic responsible for his continued success are no doubt waiting for his gag order to expire so they can thrust deals for the Sanjaya doll (action figure) under his, or his high powered Hollywood manager's, nose.  Movie deals?  Book deals?  Interview requests.  Who isn't going to want Sanjaya on immediately after his stint has run its course.

Who does he owe for all these opportunities?  The typical answer of Howard Stern and Votefortheworst is not the complete picture anymore.  Now we have Starvation campaigns, and now a DJ who has started vowing to live on the roof of his radio station until Sanjaya is voted off the air.

Every newscaster, blogger, and critic that gives Sanjaya airtime filled with astonishment every week is doing nothing short of feeding the fire that lights up the awkward hopefuls name. While some of you say it's all uncalled for meanness, remember that what you perceive as cruelty, Sanjaya and his 'people' view as money in the bank.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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