Stage Dads, Schooling and Water: David Archuleta Update
David Archuleta, the golden boy, the presumptive favorite to win American Idol since the Top 24, the teenager who inspires the fluttering of female hearts nationwide, the Stage Dad-addled Mormon with the preternaturally mature singing voice, did not win American Idol.  This, for his fans, the population of Utah and the Archuleta family, has to be chalked up as a disappointment.  Despite what some David Cook fans might believe, at no time during the final two months of the American Idol season was Mr. Cook some kind of indestructible singing force.  Archuleta was capable of vanquishing the goateed bartender, but he just barely, by the smallest of margins, misplayed his cards.  Why and how he did this isn't easy to discern.  It was an amalgam of events – the Stage Dad press, the general backlash, the too-modest live interviews, the reticence (or inability) to break out of his cheesy-ballad mode.  What's done is done, however, and in the past week since Idol runner-up status was permanently branded on poor Archuleta in a painful, two hour-long procedure, Little David has shown impressive grace and humility in his various media obligations.  Though not much in the way of concrete news regarding his future has emerged, there are some juicy tidbits here and there to report on. 

In an American Idol conference call, Archuleta discussed the rumors about his father.  As an example of their supposed dubiousness, Archuleta said: "I heard one thing where [my dad, Jeff] refused to give me water or something like that and that's the weirdest thing.  I mean, I am 17 and you know, if I want water, I am pretty sure I would just go get it anyway."

This is a good point, I guess.  However, I am a little suspicious of his use of the word “if.”  “If” he wanted wanted water, he would've gotten it himself.  Does this mean that David doesn't like water or that his father has conditioned him to not drink water?  Something to investigate. 

In other news, Archuleta hasn't entirely made his mind up on this whole singing business.  He's been taking classes all throughout the Idol season, and is still planning on graduating from school on time.  He wants to keep his options open: "Even if music does turn out to go somewhere for me, you never know how long it would last.  I want to make sure I have something to back me up on that."

In regards to what kind of music Archuleta wants to make, when it does come time to cut an album (that time being very soon, one would imagine), Little David wants to make pop music, but with a meaning: "John Mayer and Sara Bareilles are examples I use for people that have done the more pop side of the music, but their music has more meaning and depth to it. They are respected as real musicians and artists."

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: LA Times, E! Online
(Image Courtesy of FOX)