Simon Cowell: Not as mean or smart as you think
American Idol’s acerbic judge Simon Cowell says he’s not as mean as people think he is – or as smart. Cowell says he doesn’t know who will win this season of American Idol, Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks, as he sees the pros and cons of each.

"For Blake, he's a brilliant entertainer, but the negative is he's not a fantastic singer,” Cowell said during a press conference

“The advantage for Jordin is she is a great singer and the negative is she hasn't done one performance yet which I can remember as a 'wow." I can't call it at this stage."

Well, Cowell and the viewers at home will all see who comes out on top soon enough - this week Lewis and Sparks battle it out in the finals of American Idol.

As for his meanness, he wishes contestants would be rude to him when he insults them.

"They all think they are going to be voted off if they are rude to me," Cowell said. "If I'm rude to them they are more than entitled to be rude to me back."

Cowell also commented on his favourite contestant, Melinda Doolittle, and his least favourite, Sanjaya Malakar; Cowell had at one point even threatened to quit if Sanjaya won. However, he now says he was entertained by him.

"The whole Sanjaya thing was hysterical. I don't think I'd be happy if he was in the final, but looking back I think it was quite amusing. I like crazy. The panel is wacky, and therefore I think the contestants should be a bit strange as well. "

On the subject of Doolittle, he says it was unfair that she was eliminated, and cited her age (29) as a possible reason she was voted out, as many of American Idol’s viewers are teens.

"She had delivered 10 weeks in a row better than anyone else,” Cowell said. But he seems resigned to the fact that the audience chose what the audience wanted.

"When you allow the public to choose, you've got to live and die by the vote.”

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reuters
Photo credit: Fox