'American Idol' Phillip Phillips' Surgery Postponed to Next Week
'American Idol' Phillip Phillips' Surgery Postponed to Next Week
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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A Phillip Phillips Health Update

After the confetti fell last Wednesday and another season of American Idol came to a close, word went around that Phillip Phillips' kidney stone surgery was scheduled for this Tuesday. Tuesday has come and gone and nothing has happened yet. His girlfriend tweeted recently that "Phillip's surgery is not [on Tuesday]. He will be fine when it is scheduled and is excited for tour. Thanks for your concern and respect."

Now TMZ (who has constantly had the inside Idol scoop this year, obviously courtesy of Nigel Lythgoe) is reporting that they could not go through with the surgery as planned because Phillip has come down with a fever:

"We're told Phillip now has a bad sinus infection that has triggered a high fever," TMZ writes. "As a result surgeons will not operate. We're told the surgery has been rescheduled for early next week."

Phillip Phillips, whose winning single "Home" made its way to #1 on iTunes, had previously confirmed that the surgery would not affect his attendance at this summer's tour. With the delay now, hopefully that is still the case. And we wish Phillip well with the upcoming surgery and recovery.

Music Videos by Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert & Stefano Langone

Various Idols have been releasing music videos galore lately, and here are the three most recent ones by Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and Stefano Langone.

In Kelly Clarkson's "Dark Side," a multitude of issues surface in the video showing people's dark sides, including bullying, war and divorce, among others. The way everything is tied together with the lyrics provides a haunting and beautiful music video.

Next up is Adam Lambert with "Never Close Your Eyes." This one may be my favorite of the three, because the story is set in a dystopian world. Will anyone become the rebel that stands up for what's right? Take a look at the video to find out:

And finally, there's season 10 finalist Stefano Langone with his debut single, "I'm On a Roll" featuring Rock Mafia and New Boyz. This is an extremely fun and upbeat song, and the music video serves that entertainment factor perfectly when we see the good times that Stefano's character has. And there's a cameo from his fellow season 10 finalist Casey Abrams (playing a homeless man).

New Music Release (Now Available)

Crystal Bowersox: Once Upon a Time

The Top Idol Album Sales: Carrie Underwood Stays at #3

The music sales numbers from the past week were released this morning. And unfortunately, Adam Lambert's Trespassing (which debuted at #1 last week) has fallen to #11. The good news is that Carrie Underwood remains steady at #3.

And we also have the first week sales numbers for Kris Allen's sophomore album and Haley Reinhart's debut. Now that the stats are in, we can now compare Kris Allen and Adam Lambert's follow-up albums against each other. Lambert, the runner-up on Idol, yet again sold more than the winner from his season.

Here's a list of the top Idols on the charts, courtesy of USA Today:

Carrie Underwood's Blown Away at #3, Selling 45,000 units (Total Sales: 486,000)

Adam Lambert's Trespassing at #11, Selling 22,000 units (Total: 100,000)

Haley Reinhart's Listen Up! at #16, Selling 20,000 units (Debut)

Kris Allen's Thank You Camellia at #25, Selling 16,000 units (Debut)

Kelly Clarkson's Stronger at #36, Selling 11,000 units (Total: 806,000)

Scotty McCreery's Clear as Day at #72, Selling 6,000 units (Total: 1.059 million)

(Image courtesy of FOX)