Paula Abdul In Talks For 'Star Search' Reboot
With all the frustration most of us have over this season of American Idol, it seems we need something comfortably reliable to lean on to. You know, like the original loopy judge Paula Abdul.

Well, we won't miss her much now, it seems. Entertainment Weekly reports that the former Idol judge is in talks to front an updated version of the seminal talent show Star Search for ABC.

While it's not clear what Paula would do, sources say she'll handle both hosting and judging duties. The series is expected to air this summer.

Now, this makes things interesting. Consider that Paula was once rumored to be taking a judge slot in the American version of The X Factor, which Simon Cowell will bring to American shores in 2011. I guess Paula didn't want to deal with Fox anymore--she left Idol last year because of a pay dispute--and went to ABC, who were also previously wooing her for a slot on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.

Then again, she can return to Simon's arms (and maybe go "shoo, Kara, shoo!") if this reboot doesn't pan out. Remember, this isn't the first time Star Search was revived... that aside, though, what do you think? Good move for Paula? Does she deserve better? Or would you rather have her back on Idol and smooch Simon in places?

(Image courtesy of WENN)