Paul Potts inspires millions (even Simon Cowell) on Britain's Got Talent
Paul Potts, up until a few weeks ago, was a manager at a cell phone store in Wales.  Paul is not an attractive man, certainly not someone you'd expect to become a television hero, a bona fide star, but that's exactly what he's become.  I'm telling you this to set up the video we're about to show you, because it is absolutely one of the greatest moments in the history of reality television.

A little background: this is from the show Britain's Got Talent, an offshoot of America's Got Talent, which was created by American Idol's Simon Cowell.  Unlike the American version, however, Simon Cowell actually judges Britain's Got Talent, along with Piers Morgan and a British lady named Amanda Holden.  Below is the video, and please pay close attention to the skepticism on Simon and Piers faces before Mr. Paul Potts displays his “talent”.

Isn't that incredible?  For all the reality TV bashers out there (and there are a lot of them), I ask you this: where else can you find the sort of real, impromptu human emotion and unexpected triumph that Paul Potts exemplifies here?  If you watched this video and the room you were sitting in didn't get a little dusty, then I don't know what to tell you.  Go buy a cat or something. 

This was Paul Potts initial audition, but he actually went on to the finals and won the entire competition earlier this week.  The voting wasn't even close; Paul won in a landslide.  The video that you just saw has been viewed by over four million viewers since it was posted on the internet.  Paul Potts has simply inspired people.

Adding to the legend, Paul Potts is an admittedly nervous man, lacks self-confidence, and was unsure if he would even show up for the auditions on that fateful day.  He was over 30,000 pounds in debt prior to appearing on the show and didn't know if he'd ever sing opera again. 

Paul's luck has turned, however, and likely for good.  The grand prize for winning Britain's Got Talent is 100,000 pounds, and not only does Paul receive the massive payday, but Simon Cowell immediately signed Potts to a recording contract on Simon's very own label.

Not bad for a cell phone salesman.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of What'sOnTV)