"Pants on the Ground" Man Larry Platt: "It Played Real, Real Good"
Did you get "Pants on the Ground" stuck in your head after last night's American Idol? I thought so, too. I got over it (or so I think) but definitely many others didn't--it was, for a few hours, a Twitter trending topic, and like many other things nowadays, you're not a big thing if you haven't made it to that list.

But what exactly led Larry Platt to the song? Better yet, what led him to American Idol--a 63-year-old who is waaay past the 28-year-old age limit the show imposes?

The producers, obviously, loved him, thinking it was comedy genius. "I can do things a lot better than a lot of 28-year-olds," he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

And the song's origins itself? He recalls that the song occurred to him when he saw a guy walking down the street with a baby in his arms and his pants slipping below his hips. "He had his underwear showing," he said. He then, spontaneously, started singing the chorus to what would become "Pants on the Ground" until the guy took notice.

"He was being disrespectful so I wanted to embarrass him," Platt said. "He rolled his eyes and pulled his pants up a little bit."

He's happy with the way Idol portrayed him. "It played real, real good," he said. "I liked it. I loved it."

Who would've thought that a man's call for decency would become, well, comedy material?

Platt--who got his nickname "General" during his years joining the Civil Rights Movement--said he's pondering offers to record the song for sale. Now, that wouldn't be a surprise, really. But I think he's here just to send out a message to everyone. "Be a man. Don't be walking around showing yourself to the world! I don't think that's right!"

Judging from the many YouTube remixes online, I think they got the message. Speaking of which, have you seen last year's semi-finalist Alex Wagner-Trugman cover it?

(Image courtesy of Fox)