'Pants On the Ground' Coming to A Record Store Near You?
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
He may not have gotten a golden ticket to Hollywood, but overnight star Larry Platt and his original song "Pants on the Ground," may have found a record label. News broke this afternoon that the 62 year-old break-out star of season 9 of American Idol has been offered a record deal by Jake Records.

The label's CEO, Scott Thomas, was effusive in his excitement for Larry Platt when he spoke to Ace Showbiz. "General Larry Platt has an energy about him that is infectious. We'd love to work with Mr. Platt to generate some exposure for his original song, but also the causes that he holds near and dear to him."  I'm not sure that Larry Platt needs a label to help with exposure of Pants on the Ground, it seems to be getting plenty of exposure on it's own.

Only time will tell if you'll be seeing the General smiling on a Jake Records album cover at your local record store soon. But don't feel too bad for Larry Platt, he's gotten more publicity than some Idol winners and at the moment he and Pants on the Ground appear to be unstoppable.