New Orleans Gives 'American Idol' Some Personality
New Orleans Gives 'American Idol' Some Personality
Tonight American Idol goes to New Orleans and opens by making fun of a guy who didn't make it to Hollywood. I guess if the judges won't be mean, the producers will? Never mind him, let's talk about fun stuff like Mardis Gras and French and jazz! Good news, Randy Jackson is ready to be tough as nails tonight, and the judges are sitting at a hot pink table.

Seriously, that is one hot pink room. In terms of talent, it turned out to be red hot! New Orleans blew New Jersey away, and we only saw about half the people who made it through to Hollywood. Here are the standouts, the weirdos and stuff that was just startling.

The Standouts

Jordan Dorsey: The music teacher with a hilarious family, who thought Ryan would be taller. His voice was like velvet and quickly melted Randy's resolve to be mean. Jennifer Lopez loved him as much as I love her look tonight. Already, New Orleans is better than anyone we saw in New Jersey.

Sarah Sellers: She of the fabulous lips and the English teacher glasses. I like her sound and her attitude. I just wish Randy hadn't turned it into a creepy thing about Steven Tyler.

Brett Loewenstern: He had a message for bullies, or about bullying, which made me worry that he might be bad. Steven Tyler winked at him in the lobby! Is it a sign? He had a great voice (whew!) with a sort of Jason Mraz feel. He was kooky, different, and it was all working for him. Believe in yourself!

Idolbrett1.jpgJacee Badeaux: This little 15-year-old just blew it out of the water like it was no big deal at all. Does he fit into this competition? Absolutely not. He should have solos in a boys' choir, but he'll be one to watch just because it's so completely unexpected. Anyone else think Simon would have said no? He's like a male, child version of Susan Boyle.

Idoljacee1.jpgParis Tassin: Single mom singing for her daughter with special needs. She sang Carrie Underwood's "Temporary Home" and made J. Lo cry. I couldn't stop thinking, "She's had a kid?! She looks bangin'!" But you know, it was emotional, too. With a story like that, it's a good thing she can sing.

The Strange

Jovany Barreto: This dude is obsessed with Jennifer Lopez and wants to take his shirt off for her. No. Why? Stop. But he was a great singer, which I didn't expect at all. We'll see how he does in Hollywood! Jovany took his shirt off, and then Randy decided to make it more about him.
Jovanyshirtoff2.jpgRandy, what are you doing!? Is this what you're like when you're not burdened with Simon and Paula or Kara?

Gabriel Franks: This guy described himself as having a wonderful voice and a great personality. He's convinced America will fall in love with him. We didn't.

The Startling, Sad and Bad

Pictures of Randy Jackson in high school: He's from Louisiana, and Jacquelyn Dupree peddled her way into the final audition room with this awesome photo, which falls under the "startling" category:

RJhighschool.jpgWhat do you know, the girl with the photo was great! New Orleans is all smiles so far.

The "These People Suck" montage: I mean, we knew it was coming. At least they're focusing more on the good than the bad this year. Fortunately, for my enjoyment, it included this guy holding a note for a long time with this look on his face.

AIlongestnote.jpgAlex Attardo: It broke my heart when he said he went to Idol Camp, and then after he sang, Randy suggested they cancel the camp. "Oh god," said Alex, who I wish was my best friend. I love you, Alex!

(Images courtesy of FOX)