NBC Discussing the Possibility of Reviving 'American Idol'
NBC Discussing the Possibility of Reviving 'American Idol'
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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When American Idol wrapped up things up with season 15 on FOX, there were rumors almost immediately that the show would be revived. Ryan Seacrest even signed off the show with a "goodbye for now" message. Now Variety reports that an American Idol revival might already be in the works at NBC. 

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The news of American Idol coming to NBC is incredibly surprising. NBC's singing competition The Voice was American Idol's main competition when it was on FOX. If NBC moves forward with American Idol, it could actually end up affecting the network's plans with The Voice

Fremantle Media, the production company responsible for American Idol, has been shopping the show around since its cancellation on FOX. American Idol's ratings declined greatly in its later years on FOX but it was still a high and profitable performer. Fremantle believes there is life still in the show. Currently NBC is being swayed by Fremantle Media's pitch to have American Idol continue on their network and they are discussing possibilities for how it could fit onto the schedule. 

One of the big possibilities in contention is that The Voice might be cut down to just one season a year rather than two. This would mean that American Idol would take the place of The Voice, and vice versa, with NBC switching its programming between the two big singing competition juggernauts throughout the year. 

It is unclear who, if anyone, from American Idol's judging panel would be involved in the revival. Original American Idol host Simon Cowell does have a working relationship with NBC as he is now a judge on America's Got Talent but he long ago said goodbye to judging the show. It would be shocking if Ryan Seacrest didn't remain the host, however. Seacrest was always the most vocal about American Idol continuing beyond its final season with FOX. 

Back before American Idol season 15 aired on FOX Seacrest said, "You've got a franchise that has this kind of heritage and you've got a franchise that generates X amount of millions of people, if it sustains, does that mean it's the end? I'm not so sure."

So what do you think of the news? Should NBC revive American Idol? Would you watch both The Voice and American Idol on the same network? Should the two shows switch off airing throughout the year? Should they air concurrently? 

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