Who Takes the Hollywood Gold? 'American Idol' Live Thoughts (Page 4/4)
Who Takes the Hollywood Gold? 'American Idol' Live Thoughts (Page 4/4)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Shelby Dressel: Cut

Were she to make it, Shelby might challenge Didi for the crying crown, because we've been watching her tear up all night. Me thinks Shelby needs another year and some anti-anxiety medicine before trying out again for Idol. I think she has what it takes, but she needs time to grow, breathe, and learn.

Randy breaks the news to Shelby, she won't be going through this year but he encourages her to come back next year. And we hope she does. Shelby's still one of my favorites. And apparently Simon's too, he tells the other judges' "that was the wrong decision." I'm not sure it's her year Simon, but I agree with you that Shelby is an Idol in the making.

Casey James: Top 24

Oh my god you guys, did you know that a) Casey James got in a motorcycle accident and b) he took of his shirt and Kara has a big old crush on him? I think Casey got the raw deal with that edit, because Casey may be cute, but he's the real deal when it comes to blues guitar and vocals.

What you didn't know is that Casey comes from a town called "Cool, Texas." Which, if you ask me, is pretty darn cool, except for the fact that is going to be used and abused all season long. So will the sexy song cuts as Kara ogles Casey. At least when he gets a yes, we get huge emotion out of Casey. He jumps up and down and screams like a mad men, but at least it's real. I know who Kara (and I) am voting for.  This guy, right here:

Aaron Kelly: Top 24

As we've stated, Aaron is the new and improved David Archuleta, let's call him iArchie. Or do you prefer Archie 2.0? Unfortunately, during Hollywood Week Aaron proved forgetful with the lyrics and even got a brutal Simon comment, "after than I don't believe you could win." That's a different story than a lot of people were singing about Aaron Kelly before Hollywood Week, us included.

Ellen loves that Aaron is a "nice guy" and by guy I hope she means, barely pubescent teenage boy. But that's semantics, because Aaron Kelly has just secured the tween vote in the Top 24.

Lee DeWyze: Top 24

Lee is confident going into the final judging, which is surprising because he flubbed the words to a Fray song that every Grey's Anatomy viewer knows by heart. Still, forgotten lines or not, Lee has the bluesy growl that American Idol loves most in its male performers.

Kara says Lee's big problem is his lack of confidence, but he assures her he is SO confident. Kara tells Lee the judges didn't agree "until about 5 minutes ago," but that he is going through. And that's when Lee's confidence is shown as a bit of a front because he thinks the judges are joking.

I'm calling Lee as the first or second male elimination of season 9. I like his voice, but without the back story or charming personality, neither of which we've seen, Lee is doomed to be an early casualty we never get to know.

We've got 10 minutes of Idol left, which makes me think the dramatic part of this Idol reveal is that we won't hear the rest of it until tomorrow. I guess that's a cliff-hanger, albeit one we knew about.

Todrick Hall: Top 24

Todrick says something that makes a lot of sense to us, "I'm a dancer, that's what I'm trained in. I've never had a voice lesson in my life." That explains some of his struggles with his voice and the strength of his vocal chords with the rigors of American Idol. But a lack of voice lessons don't matter, because the judges see something in Todrick we don't. There's no teasing, no fake outs or back and forth just a straight up, "yes." Todrick looks shocked and my look matches his. I'd characterize it as "huh?" mixed with "wtf?!"

Jessica Furney: Cut

Jessica is our last Idol auditioner of the week and this should be a familiar feeling for Jessica, she made it to Hollywood week last year. Unfortunately based on the clips we've seen, Jessica was a bit of a toneless and demanding diva during this year's Hollywood Week. Thing is, sometimes the judge's love that and see it as star power rather than hubris.

Randy gives Jessica the bad news. That's news that Jessica won't take sitting down. "It sounds pathetic to beg up here." (Yes, you're right Jessica.) "But you have no idea. I can do this. Do not send me home." (Remember that this about pathetic?) "I have it. I have it." (The thing about 'it' is you have it or you don't.) "Please, please, please." (Whatever your Mom taught you Jessica, sometimes please isn't enough.) And the train wreck continues when she asks Simon, "Can you tell me what I did wrong?" Simon says (oh god, I love that) "You didn't sing as well as the other." Jessica should take that final note with a smidge of grace, but she doesn't at all. She keeps the pathetic beg train going and has to be physically dismissed by Simon. Man, is it going to be embarrassing if you audition again Jessica. The judges won't soon forget that and the Idol editors most certainly will not.

Idol Medal and Top 24 Count

So we have seven of the Top 24 America: Aaron Kelly, Didi Benami, Lee Dewyze, Casey James, Katelyn Epperly, Todrick Hall, and Big Mike Lynche. Do you have a favorite from these already announced winner?

Tomorrow night we learn the names of the 17 remaining members of the top 24 and if the clips are to be believed, we hear a lot more crying than singing.

And for those of you keeping track, here's the Idol Medal Count:

Gold - 3
Silver - 5
Bronze - 8

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