Corey Clark and the Paula Abdul sex Scandal!
Corey Clark and the Paula Abdul sex Scandal!
Corey Clark is the American Idol scandal that will not die.  First, uncovered arrest reports on Corey that detailed an alleged domestic assault against his sister, and some pretty aggressive resisting of arrest.  For failing to admit to his criminal past, Clark was asked to withdraw from American Idol.  Subsequently, more information emerged from Clark's shady past, including a lawsuit brought against Clark by Walmart for writing bad checks.

Not to be denied his chance for fame, however, Clark went on to make outrageous claims of a sexual affair with judge Paula Abdul, who denied Clark's claims. Coincidently, this claim coincided with the release of Clark's independent album. 

Idol shot back in it's fourth season by composing a skit detailing a scandalous affair between Simon Cowell, and himself.

Having failed to garner any substantial success with his musical ventures, Clark went on to pen a tell all book concerning his experiences growing up, culminating with his infamous American Idol Escapades.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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