American Idol Season 9: Dallas Auditions, Live Thoughts (Page 2/2)
American Idol Season 9: Dallas Auditions, Live Thoughts (Page 2/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Erica Rhodes

Erica was a Barney kid, and sadly, we're not talking about Barney Stinson, we're talking big purple dinosaur. Barney Stimson would have totally gotten this girls number though. To destroy that child star facade, Erica is auditioning while dressed up as a dominatrix, with a whip and everything.

Erica is a bit thin in her vocals and she's not a powerful singer, but she can sing, and clearly she has the confidence to succeed. She gets four yeses, maybe Simon's number, and sheds the skin of being a Barney's don leather.

Official Barney Stinson Rating: Have You Met...Barney?

Dave Pittman

The final contestant for day one is our first sob story of the night....which is impressive, since we've already had half an hour of auditions. Dave has tourettes, which I imagine will make the audition incredibly difficult, at least the talking portion. Dave says his tourettes doesn't act up when he's singing, and he's right. Dave performs a soulful rendition of a Sam Cooke tune, with nary a twitch. There is nothing unique about his vocals, but they're lovely. He gets four yeses and a lot of sweet support from NPH and Simon.

Official Barney Stinson Rating: : Legen... wait for it.... Dairy

Including Dave, Doogie Houser helped put through 14 Dallas auditioners to Hollywood. Sadly, we must bid adieu to NPH and say hello to shrieking girls and Joe Jonas.

Todrick Hall

Todrick sings a pretty adorable song about the Idol auditions full of rhyme and pizazz and kid can sing. He sounds like he could sing a current r&b hits. Simon says it was a cutesy audition, but he's not jumping out of his chair for the vocals. Still, Todrick gets four yeses and is going to Hollywood...which hopefully inspires a new original song.

Official Jonas Rating: "One Man Show"

Maegan Wright

Maegan has brought her ham of a little brother to the audition, and he totally steals the show from the generic cute bubbly blondeness of Maegan. That is until she opens her mouth.  When Maegan sings, you have to stand up and take notice. She started out breathy and soft, which conveys emotion beautifully, and when she goes for a power note she it's it high and throaty. She gets four yeses and Kara says Maegan is her favorite of the day.

Official Jonas Rating: "Hello Beautiful."

Vanessa Johntson

Vanessa says she's the next American Idol, but I think she is the 80's second coming of  Mary Katherine Superstar! Really.

MaryKatherine.jpgShe screams her audition of "At Last" with way too much melisma, a squeaky note, and a sassy attitude, which is likable but based in misled confidence. Simon says Vanessa is his nightmares personafied.  She gets four nos, but is able to laugh about it in a not scary or psychotic way.

Official Jonas Rating:  "Got Me Going Crazy"

Christian Spears

Christian is our last auditioner in Dallas and a sob story. When she was four she was diagnosed with leukemia. She's been in remission for eight years (since she was eight, which makes me feel very old). Today Christian is a cute little girl with a big voice and the night's biggest vocal run abuser... that said, she doesn't sing or act like a 16 year old. She stood there, belted it out, and auditioned with no kitsch or trepidation. She gets four yeses and she thinks getting through to Hollywood is better than better beating cancer.

Official Jonas Rating:  "Hollywood"

Dallas was our most successful city yes with blessedly few segments on train wrecks, only a sprinkling of sob stories, a blink and you'll miss it appearance by Joe Jonas, and 31 auditioners heading to Hollywood. Today, Texas definitely wasn't a lone star state.