'American Idol' Recap: S(ho)wdown in San Antonio (Page 2/2)
Bill King
Bill King
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"Singers" to Forget

Brothers Derek Bacerott and Derek Bacerott audition as a duet, but they should really just focus on the last part of their shared name. They might not have been AS terrible individually, but they don't harmonize at all, so we'll never know. At least they argued with the judges for five minutes and walked out angry. Gotta love the two-hour shows. 

Ricky Jo Garcia's long nails are shaped into points. That is all that is worth mentioning.

In a montage segment called The Outlaws of Texas, Stefan Jones exceeds the pitch limit, Ongela Clark-Falkquay possesses illegal explosives (cause she sings "Firework") and Carolyn Jackson unl-awfully impersonates Beyonce.

Brian Martinez claims a producer heard him singing in a bathroom and told him he should audition. Of everyone who has sarcastically been told, "yeah, dude, go try out for Idol," this guy probably took it the furthest. 

Stephanie Sanson is an angry, angry purple-haired girl. Her heavy-metal, double-flipping off, light-smashing, screaming rendition of Adele would make Gwar cringe, and Randy tells her to jump her way right off set. She screams her way out to the sidewalk.

The Ghosts of the Queen Mary come back to haunt the judges, and I'm glad they didn't print anyone's name, so I didn't have to type them out.

Final Thoughts

In all, 50 people from Long Beach and an undisclosed number of singers from San Antonio are headed to Hollywood. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of good singers who were featured, as we were relatively spared from those uncomfortable moments that make you hate the audition shows. No William Hungs or "Pants on the Ground" this time around. Oh, and Mariah Carey has huge cans.

There's only one more hour of auditions to sit through, and those are Thursday night from Oklahoma. Is it just me, or are the producers hell bent on putting some serious country flavor in the finals? Maybe they think it will help a female win the competition. 

Did any of your favorites come out of these auditions? Who do you like moving forward, and who do you think has the best chance of advancing? Tune in for the final auditions and then get ready for Hollywood! As we happily learned last week, one hour means heavy on the talent and light on the bad aftertaste.

American Idol airs Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm on Fox.

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