'American Idol' Recap: One Hour Equals Talent, Talent, More Talent (Page 2/2)
Bill King
Bill King
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"Singers" to Forget

Luckily, most of the sucky performers go unnamed (and I can call them that because they're all included in a True Blood parody segment called "True Bad"). But what stands out more than the bad voices is the horrific fashion choices. There's a fat guy with a tucked-in shirt that doesn't quite close at the bottom, a bad sundress with red boots and a jean jacket and purple glasses, and a bra. Basically just a bra. And bad sundress cries, screams and bashes the judges after she is rejected. Where are Kate Hudson and her skeleton key? 

It took me awhile to figure out which section Chris Barthel was going to end up in. He was high energy and introduced a singing alter-ego who Nicki dubbed "Mushroom" (before he sang). Keith calls him a fun guy (look up the mushroom-fungi joke if you don't know it), but he was apparently worth the screen time, just for the nickname. 

They should have just included Alissa Griffin and her simultaneous four-vote "no" into the "True Bad" montage, because we gain nothing by knowing her name. The only people who should know it are the ones who already did before this show aired. 

Final Thoughts

In all, 34 contestants moved on to Hollywood from Randy's hometown. It appears that was in just one day, while all the other locals got two days to pass on just a few more. I guess quality can be the emphasis over quantity in crunch time.

Next week, we're headed to San Antonio, Texas, for a good old-fashioned s(ho)wdown, and then on a trip on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship out of Long Beach, California. While the talent is hit or miss (we're apparently on turbulent waters out west!), it appears there is little to no animosity between the judges. Apparently, the bit spat also ended up squashing any over-hyped tension. What a disappointing grownup moment. 

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