Lilly Scott: The Contestant That Came Out Of Nowhere
Lilly Scott: The Contestant That Came Out Of Nowhere
And just when I thought we've seen most of the name the folks over at American Idol wanted us to focus on, they spring another one on us. The girl who works at a sandwich shop and auditioned in Denver barely got exposure before tonight, and yet she surprises with how good she is. Her voice reminds me a little bit of Zee Avi, a little bit of Madeleine Peyroux and a little bit of Zooey Deschanel.

As it turns out, this girl, Lilly Scott, is on the Top 24 spoilers list.

So how come I didn't see her anywhere over the past three weeks? I did notice that Idol gave pretty long segments on contestants who happen to be on the Top 24. It could be coincidence--the semifinalists were announced shortly after this season premiered--but it's still something, right?

Anyway, the Littleton, Colorado native does work for a sandwich shop, but there's one thing Idol's little segment failed to mention: she's in a band. A two-man band, actually, called Varlet, who claims that listening to its music could "transform your mind". There are some eerie-sounding synthesizers on certain tracks, while others are more acoustic and stripped-down, but Lilly's vocals shine through, grounding all of us in reality. (You can listen to all those songs on their MySpace page.)

The band, which claims George Harrison, Feist, Animal Collective and Amy Winehouse "on cocaine" as influences, recently released an EP. But I don't know what will happen to the band, now that Lilly is listed as a "former member" rather than the person in charge of the Moog. You know what that means, America.

She claims in her golden ticket interview (which you can watch on the show's website) that, despite having that gray-white-whatever hair of hers, she is more of an indie rocker than a punk rocker. I'm not surprised, considering that her voice isn't really the sort for rocking out with three mindless chords, but more of the sort that'd lull you to sleep (in a good way).

Here's hoping we see more of her in the future. I'll say it again: we need more of her type on American Idol!

(Image courtesy of Varlet's MySpace page)