Lilly Scott on 'Idol': "I Guess It's Another Season of the Same Old Stuff"
Lilly Scott on 'Idol': "I Guess It's Another Season of the Same Old Stuff"
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
American Idol got a lot less interesting last night with the elimination of Lilly Scott.  Lilly, with her two-toned silver hair, hipster styling and unconventional voice, served as a pleasant reminder that music exists and thrives beyond the mainstream and cookie-cutter Idol-produced pop stars.  Despite being the anti-thesis of all things Idol, Lilly seemed to be thriving in the competition, earning high praise from the judges on her originality and vision as an artist. It seemed if anyone was going to break the rigidity of the Idol mold, it would be Lilly Scott.

Sadly, it was not meant to be, as Lilly was eliminated in one of the most head-scratching Idol elimination episodes in the history of the show. Even in the face of disappointment, Lilly retained what we loved most about her: her fierce independent streak. When asked if she had any parting words after elimination, Lilly didn't suppress her frustration, "I just don't know what American wants to hear." As hundreds of thousands of Americans were screaming at their TV: "You Lilly, we want to hear you!" Lilly exited American Idol with her head held high and her indie spirit intact.

Today she sat down and chatted with members of the American Idol press and continued to voice her confusion over America's insatiable desire for things they've seen and heard over and over again. Here are the highlights of the interview. 

What did you mean last night when you said, "I don't know what American wants to hear?" What was the emotion behind that? And what did it say about you as an artist?

"When I originally tried out this year I wanted to kind of break the mold and be that off-beat contestant that did exactly what I wanted to do. Just watching certain people make it who had not done so well on the past three weeks and basing the judges comments on my performances, I was kind of frustrated. Just kind of feeling like my fan base wasn't really there, even though the producers and the judges seemed to love me and I felt like I was having a great run. But I guess my fans weren't there and I'd venture that my voting demographic is more the underground scene, who probably doesn't even own a TV. And if they do they were probably out riding their bike or doing something more productive than watching TV, let alone American Idol."

Do you think your song choice, Patsy Cline's 'I Fall To Pieces' determined your fate this week?

"You know, yes and no. I picked that song because I love Patsy Cline and it really describes who I want to be as an artist. But then again, the American Idol voting demographic are mostly tweens and I'm sure they don't know who Patsy Cline is. I'm staying true to my song choice and have no regrets. Maybe my fan base and the audience I was playing too, which is a more underground market, probably literally wasn't watching the show and were just supporting with the hearts. Honestly, I really have no idea what happened. "

If you could work with any artist, who would you work for?

"I would love to meet Thom Yorke or Bjork, who are really the king and queen of the indie world. They are who I strive to be as an artist and their fan base is so huge and they are so respected. I would love to collaborate with someone like them."

Where do you see yourself in the music industry?

"I definitely feel like I would fit in the big summer festival circuit doing things like Coachella and Bonnaroo. Really doing some mass touring, I know now I really can have a whole different audience coming out to shows. Recording is definitely on my list of things to do. I know there's a fan base out there for me, that is loving what I'm doing, I just don't think it's the American Idol voting demographic. I thought I could break the mold, but I guess it's another season of the same old stuff. "

Did the Judges' say anything to you after your elimination?

"Randy definitely walked up to me and he was very upset to see me go. Kara said that she thinks that America thought maybe I already knew who I was and had too much of the whole package and knew who I was an artist and was so comfortable that maybe America didn't know what to do with me.  American Idol is really about finding that amateur artists that is so  vulnerable artist and turning them into a huge pop star. I thought going into the competition with a lot of experience would be a good thing, but it turned out to be a not good thing."

Knowing you were an indie artist, did you see this elimination coming?

"I did and I didn't. In the past years I've  watched American Idol and it seemed like every year the person I fall in love with goes home. And I don't know if that's because I see true artistry or what it is.  I definitely feel like I got cut early and I know I could've done a great job next week with The Rolling Stones. I knew I could've really kicked butt in the Top 12. Maybe I was too off the wall for people. Or maybe it was just time for me to go out with a bang, so I can still keep my indie cred and do my own thing without having the American Idol label over my head."

Do you have any idea how close you were in the votes last night?

"Not at all. It's really unfortunate. I'm one to think "screw the establishment," but I would love to know the statistics. I don't want to think it's rigged,  but I'd like to know how many votes I did have. "

What were your expectations going into last night?

The people who I thought were going to go home were completely different than the people who left, including myself. It's really strange. It seems like people who were roommmates were eliminated at the same time. Me and Katelyn. Ashley and Janell. Todrick and Alex. It's a repetitive thing that's become very strange."

Do you think your song choices, which skewed older, had anything to do with your elimination? Did you ever consider covering artists like Radiohead and Bjork?

"I definitely considered that. But in a way, the producers swayed me against doing songs like that, because those artists are almost less well known than people like Sam Cooke and Patsy Cline. I did try to do "Nude" by Radiohead, which is their top charting song, but that didn't get cleared. And I just figured I love classic rock and I tried to make that my niche this season, because unfortunately indie and underground music aren't ready for the big break through. And I feel like that was reaffirmed last night by me being voted off, that maybe America is not ready for my kind of music in the mainstream."

Her Idol journey may be over, but I personally look forward to supporting Lilly in what I think will be a long, successful and independent career.