Life After 'Idol,' Paula Abdul Still Finding Talent
For those of you who have wondered, "what is Paula Abdul up to these days?" here is your answer: she's launching a new casting website! The website is called AuditionBooth, and is actually a great idea. The site hosts the opportunity for users to upload audition videos, and for casting directors to sort through them. It's free, but users can purchase a premium membership that allows them to replace or redo audition videos and get better placement in casting agents' inboxes. []

In addition to the opportunity, the site hosts a blog from Paula Abdul with advice. According to, "Telemundo, Reveille, Screenvision, MasterChef and women's clothing firm Dots, which is working on a brand campaign with former Idol champ Jordin Sparks, are among the first partners offering auditioning opportunities on the site."
This sounds great, as long as it stays afloat. We all remember Abdul's meltdown on Hey Paula when she didn't get to design the clothes for the Bratz movie. I miss Hey Paula and no, I'm not over it! She is a gift!

Maybe after submitting a video, auditioners get a slurred email of encouragement from Paula Abdul. "You were great, you were really great. Your voice has a certain quality." But seriously, I miss Hey Paula.

What do you think of Is it a good idea? Is it better than designing for the Bratz movie? Will you submit an audition video?