American Idol Flashback: Kelly Clarkson Winner of Season 1
I think almost all hardcore fans would agree that Kelly Clarkson is the only true American Idol. Not only because she was the first Idol chosen, but because she's had the best career, has the most talent, and just seems the most American. Before you get all riled up in what I mean, let me explain. She's from Texas. And as we all know - you don't mess with Texas. I don't know much about the state, and what I do know is from "The Yellow Rose of Texas". But I do know that Texas = America, plain and simple. Are any of the other idols from there? No, case closed.
But in case that isn't enough for you, we'll delve a bit deeper. Kelly was singing in the hallway of her middle school when a teacher overheard her and did a double-take. Soon after that, Kelly was placed in musical after musical, and eventually saved enough money to make a demo. Sadly, nobody was interested in the Nice Girl from the South. She got discouraged, moved back to Texas (after a brief stint in Cali) and went back to working odd jobs. Luckily, a good friend of hers convinced her to try out for Idol - and the rest is history. I don't remember too much about Kelly on season one. But what I do remember is her refusal to wear make-up or be dressed up, and her goofiness. She seemed 100% normal, a regular person who cracked jokes (and bad ones, at that) and was just there to have a good time. She never seemed to let the fame get to her (unlike cast mate Huge Hair Justin Gaurini) and she was always just Kelly Clarkson. After it was announced that she was the grand winner of the inagural American Idol, she went on to sing her hit, "Miss Independent" co-penned by Christina Aguilera. This song skyrocketed Kelly to fame, and she's never looked back since. She's put out two chart-topping albums, has won two Grammy awards and four American Music Awards - not an easy task. And still, the great thing about Kelly is that she's so gosh-darn-likeable. I know people who don't like her music, but I don't know anyone that hasn't fallen in love with her. Kelly Clarkson is a true American Idol, through and through. -BuddyTV Staff Columnist