Jordin Sparks wins American Idol
Jordin Sparks, the 17-year old from Glendale, Arizona, has won season six of American Idol.   Tonight's epic two-hour finale was a suspenseful one but, in the end, it was Jordin who beat Blake Lewis, the finalist from Bothell, Washington.  Jordin was the overwhelming favorite to win the competition coming into the finale but, as fans of Idol know, anything can happen.  However, it was the favorite Jordin who America gave their votes to and she is the newest winner of American Idol.

At the completely full Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California, the marathon of a finale featured the eliminated contestants from the top 24 and a multitude of live performances from the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani, among others, but the real suspense came between the two finalists.  Although there has been much talk amongst Idol fans that last week's eliminated singer, Melinda Doolittle, should have been in the finale, the audience tonight witnessed why Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks made it into the Idol final two.

Jordin Sparks had a long journey into the finals that saw her improve dramatically on an almost weekly basis.  What she did have all along was her big, otherworldly voice.  The maturity found in that voice is remarkable given Jordin's youth.  The daughter of a former NFL defensive back, Jordin has been competing in singing competitions since she was a pre-teen and her poise was evident throughout the season. 

Blake Lewis has been a part of the Seattle music scene for a few years and ended up trying out for Idol on a win.  Known early in the competition only for his unique beat-boxing ability, Blake quickly showed off his range as a singer and a performer.  Blake continually provided unique arrangements to classic songs and wowed audiences with his charismatic stage presence.

But, in the end, it was Jordin Sparks who won American Idol, and deservedly so.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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