John vs. Abbey: Someone Pretty is Going Home
John vs. Abbey: Someone Pretty is Going Home
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Top 7 sang inspirational songs on American Idol, and this week Abbey Simmons and I were inspired to tears by one singer and boredom by six others.  That's right, American Idol is back to living up to the unofficial subtitle of this season, "Crystal vs. a Group of Sucky Karaoke Singers."

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That's not entirely true.  Abbey and I also managed to find goodness in performers that the other thought was terrible, and we're predicting two different singers to go home, though they're both very pretty. And we're not talking about Siobhan Magnus.

Listen to the full audio of our classic battle or check out the headlines below.

-We go through each of the Top 7 and dissect how bad they were, up until we get to Crystal, when we rave about how freaking good she is.

-We still think Lee Dewyze has the potential to be this season's Kris Allen, though this week gave Abbey some doubts.

-We explain why Tim Urban's "Better Days" was his worst performance since the painful "Apologize" from the Top 24.

-I try my hardest to explain to Abbey why Aaron Kelly was awesome, though I recognize that I'm in the vast minority for liking his performance.

-We express our disappointment with Siobhan Magnus.

-Abbey liked Michael Lynche's "Hero."  I was just furious it wasn't the Enrique Iglesias version, because I love that song like a fat kid loves cake.

Abbey's Bottom 3: Casey James, Tim Urban, Aaron Kelly

My Bottom 3: Casey James, Tim Urban, Michael Lynche

Abbey's Elimination Prediction: Tim Urban

My Elimination Prediction: Casey James

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