John vs. Abbey: Is Tim's Time Finally Up?
John vs. Abbey: Is Tim's Time Finally Up?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week American Idol took on the Lennon/McCartney songbook, and it was a great night with David Cook and Brooke White and ... oh, wait, we're talking about the season 9 Lennon/McCartney week.  In that case, the only real breakout stars were a didgeridoo, a bagpiper, and Mama Sox talking about Danny Gokey babies.  As for singing, Abbey Simmons really loved Casey James, while I ruled the evening a nine-way tie for mediocrity.

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But who will be going home?  Both Abbey and I think a guy will finally be leaving, but we still disagree on who it will be.  Listen to our awesome podcast for the full story, or continue below for the highlights.

-Other than Casey James, there wasn't a lot to rave about, aside from the pre-performance interviews, which were hilarious and offered genuine insight into these contestants for the first time.

-Abbey and I agree that Big Mike's "Eleanor Rigby" was a disastrous musical theater piece, but that he's so likeable that he has nothing to worry about.

-Despite Ellen DeGeneres claiming that Katie Stevens would definitely be safe this week, we both agree that she will be in the Bottom 3 for the third week in a row.

-Abbey and I also agree that Aaron Kelly will be in the bottom.  Abbey takes some perverse pleasure in the fact that my favorite contestant could go home.

-For the final spot, I think Tim Urban will continue his streak of being in the bottom, but Abbey believes he did well enough to avoid danger completely.  Instead, she thinks Andrew Garcia's cheesey pop performance will leave him in the bottom.

-Who's going home?  Abbey says its Aaron Kelly's time, but I believe that Tim Urban will finally leave, ironically on one of his better weeks.  By not insulting him directly, the judges brilliantly conned Urbanites into thinking their boy is safe, which could result in a lack of votes.

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