John vs. Abbey: Goodbye, Paige
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
BuddyTV's American Idol podcast is back, and it's in a week where it's painfully obvious who shoukd go home.  Abbey Simmons and I agree 100 percent that Paige Miles delivered one of the absolute worst performances in Idol history, even worse than her painful rendition of "Smile," and her time is now.

We also agree that Crystal Bowersox is far and away the best.  The only arguments right now come from everyone else.  Who's the second best and who's the second worst?  Listen to us battle it out for the full story.

Other highlights:

-We debate who will join Paige Miles in the Bottom 3, with the frontrunners being Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia, Lee Dewyze and Didi Benami

-Abbey explains why Andrew Garcia and Siobhan Magnus are both stuck in the same boat

-I defend Katie Stevens for having a good week, for once

-While people like Katie, Paige and Tim all have no shot at winning, we discuss which singers might have the potential to give Crystal a run for her money

-As always, I defend my favorite singer, Aaron Kelly, and explain why he's more like Kris Allen than David Archuleta

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