John vs. Abbey: Battle of the 'Idol' Duets
John vs. Abbey: Battle of the 'Idol' Duets
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
On movie week, the American Idol Top 4 sang songs from such classic pieces of American cinema as Free Willy and Batman Forever.  Abbey Simmons and I essentially agreed on all four solo performances, but the real battle comes in the two duets.  Abbey and I could not disagree more on which one was better, though we're in total agreement about who's in danger.

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-We discuss why last night was Lee Dewyze's worst performance ever.

-We're both bored by Michael Lynche and we both surprisingly enjoyed Casey James' ode to older ladies.

-Strangely, we agree that the best solo performance of the night came from Crystal Bowersox's rendition of the theme from Caddyshack.

-I firmly believe that Lee and Crystal's duet of "Falling Slowly" was the best performance of the night.  Not only is it an amazing song, but the two made it their own and rocked out, using a great song to emphasize everything great about both of them.  Abbey, on the other hand, listened to it repeatedly and found plenty of vocal issues, which I don't care about since I'm all about the immediate impact rather than the long-term quality issues.

-Abbey preferred Casey and Big Mike's duet, thinking the two were in perfect harmony and helped bring out the best in each other.  If that's the best they have to offer, they're in serious trouble, because I was bored to death by two guys standing next to each other singing.

-We agree that Casey and Big Mike will be leaving this week and next week, the only thing we're not sure on is the order.  I suggest flipping a coin.

-Though we both predict Michael Lynche to leave, for different reasons, Abbey makes some very valid arguments on why Casey might be in more danger of leaving, largely due to vote splitting from Lee and Crystal.

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