Inspirational Songs Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
Inspirational Songs Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
Well, what else did you expect this week? American Idol took on inspirational songs and it was either depressingly cheesy or depressingly disappointing. Well, all but one performance, which we all knew would go great. (Too great, in fact.) And there's this one performance which leaves us wondering, "why do we even have this guy on the show?" It's like we're following a script, each and every week, and it's getting so obvious that we could either (1) end this season right here and declare a winner, or (2) keep this thing going as a mediocre-at-best warm-up to Glee.

That said, I'll get to the point, because there's no point complaining when there's nothing new to complain about. And I apologize for sounding a bit annoyed. Because, well, I am.

Last night's least inspiring: Tim Urban's "Better Days"

It sounds okay when you listen to it the first time, but listen to it again and you'll notice it's actually a stumble. The song didn't fit him: he was more desperate than sweet, and while it wasn't as bad as him butchering David Cook or OneRepublic, it's quite a contender.

Last night's most inspiring: Crystal Bowersox's "People Get Ready"

I'll just let the video speak for itself. Bye-bye!

Okay, not yet bye-bye. Here's a question with an obvious answer: at this rate, does Crystal still have any competition left? I told you, we're following a script.

(Image courtesy of Fox)