'Idol' Thoughts: Hicks Dating Kate, Seacrest Can't Keep a Secret & More
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Idol elimination was just a small part of the story this week. Here's the real news.

First up: Taylor Hicks wants to date Kate Gosselin

Not only is Taylor Hicks arguably the most embarrassing winner in Idol history, he also clearly has terrible taste in women. Via PopEater we learn that of all the women in the world to tell a gossip columnist you want to date, Mr. Soul Patrol says he wants to go on Daddy duty for Kate Gosselin. *Shudder*

That's right, Mr. Silver Funk wants nothing more than a chance to dance with ole Possum Head, saying that he would "totally date her!" Because he has "always said I wanted nine kids." Seeing that Kate only has eight in her brood, it sounds like Taylor wants to do more than date Kate. And now, please excuse me while I attempt to scrub THAT mental image out of my brain.

And then there's Alex Lambert's Ellen crush.

At least Taylor Hicks has a shot with Kate Gosselin, which is more than we can say for Alex Lambert with Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen's favorite "unripened banana" stopped by her other show yesterday morning and left her a video love song.  Clearly Alex is either clueless or shares Ellen's sense of humor, because something tells me the line "Your smile is my remedy and your body just don't stop," isn't going to work on Ellen. You can watch the adorable video for yourself, rue that Alex Lambert isn't still on Idol and dream of a day when contestants might be able to sing their own songs. Because even if this song is misguided, in my head the title is "Love Song for a Lesbian (from a High School Boy)", it actually ain't half bad.

And last but not least: Ryan Seacrest just can't keep a secret.

I hope you weren't following Ryan Seacrest on Twitter last night, West Coasters, when Seacrest spoiled the results of American Idol a full hour before the results were in. Around 8pm last night, just as the West Coast was tuning in to watch American Idol, Seacrest tweeted the guest for his morning radio show including "tonight's voted-off Idol, Lacey Brown." Here's the offending Tweet:

Of course, if that Tweet kept you from suffering through Ke$ha, perhaps we should be thanking Ryan instead of cursing him. Even so, quite a bonehead move by Seacrest and I'm sure FOX is telling him all about it today.

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