'Idol' Roundup: Elton Won't Replace Simon, Casey Won't Be Dating Kara (for 6 Months)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Even with the competition coming to a close, the American Idol news keeps on rolling in. For today's Idol news roundup we have: the Idol contract details that will keep Casey and Kara from consummating their cougar lust for at least six months, word on who won't be replacing Simon Cowell and a big pink-haired reason not to tune into next week's results show.

First up, the most important Idol question ever: who will be replacing Simon Cowell? Or rather, who won't be? Word on the web is that FOX will keep quiet about who will replace His Smarminess on the panel until after the finale. This is most likely in hopes that that bit of news doesn't become a bigger story than who wins the competition itself (which it surely would), but we do know who won't be replacing Simon on the judge's panel: Elton John. Yes, you've heard this story before, but now Access Hollywood is reporting that Elton turned down a $33 million offer to become an Idol judge.

With Elton saying "no thanks" to Idol, does that clear the way for Perez Hilton as Simon's replacement? (Yes, I can hear your chorus of "NOOOO"s, dear readers.) The Internet's most hated gossip columnist may not be replacing Simon, but he will be involved in next week's show. According to the LA Times, Perez has hand-picked next week's musical guest Travis Garland. No, I've never heard of him either, but he was in Kevin McHale's (Artie on Glee) boy band NLT.  While Garland is still trying to become a teen sensation, next week's other musical guest already is one: Justin Bieber will be performing two songs next week.

Last but not least, TMZ reports some interesting tidbits about the contracts and clauses that the Idol top 3 have agreed to. According to a legal document filed in court, Idol contestants agree that neither they nor their family members will enter a "personal, social, business or financial relationship with any of the judges, host(s) or guest stars...." The contract endures during the filming of the show and six months after. That means we'll just have to wait for word on a Didi Benami and Ryan Seacrest romance and the possibility of the consummation of Kara's cougar lust for Casey James.

But that's not all TMZ spilled. They also got the details on the financial benefits of placing in the Top 3 when it comes to recording a post-Idol record.  The winning contestant on Idol gets $175,000 when he (or she) starts recording their first album and another $175,000 when the album is released. For every additional album they record after Idol, the sum grows: between $275,000-$550,000 for a second album, $325,000-$650,000 for a third, and if a winner ever got to a sixth album on the same contract, between $500,000 and $1 million. The compensation for second through 12th place isn't too shabby either. The Idol runner-up gets $150,000 when they start to record their first album and another $150,000 when it is completed. Meanwhile, people placing from third through 12th are offered $100,000 when they begin recording and $100,000 upon delivery if the label decides to sign them.

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