'Idol' Notes: Contestant Loses Job, Elton John Prefers 'X Factor'
American Idol drama! Well, sort of. Here are the flies buzzing around American Idol's head:

Devyn Rush Loses Singing Waitress Job
Remember Devyn Rush? She's jazzy and we love her and she worked as a singing waitress. She even gave her restaurant a free plug! Well, that restaurant isn't taking her back after Hollywood Week (if she returns, we don't know yet!) The diner told her they had to fill her spot because Hollywood Week fell during their "busy season." But wouldn't you want to keep someone on who was on national television? I don't get it. They are still trying to reach "an amicable resolution." [TMZ]

Straight Talk from Elton John
A while ago, Elton John was asked to judge American Idol and he declined. Now Elton John is getting on the X Factor bandwagon, saying American Idol hasn't made the big changes it should have. All the Season 10 changes aren't enough for Idol, Elton John had this to say to MTV:

"X Factor is going to be a huge show. It's going to be huge, because you can have bands on there, and that's one thing I wanted to change, if I had been on American Idol. Get away from the solo stuff. Let's have bands, let's have writers, let's have songwriters, let's change the format a little, and that's why X Factor is going to do so well, because it's a different lineup. You can have bands and groups. That's more interesting, I think." [EW.com]

(image courtesy of FOX)