Idol Gives Back, and so do BuddyTV Users
American Idol brings out both the best and worst in our BuddyTV commenters.  Most of the time, we receive insightful, funny, enlightened comments.  Occasionally, however, the discussion will devolve into finger-pointing and offensive comments.  Last night we had some good discussion over the respective quality of the remaining contestants' performances on the Idol Gives Back performance show.

What follows are a few of the best user comments from last night. 

Wombat from IL said:
Some of the comments are shocking. As much as I love Jordin, she had a few pitch problems, did some of the yelling the judges criticized KiKi for, and sang in a key too high for me. BTW, Phil gave a great performance with a nice tone. My order was: Melinda, Phil, LaKisha, Jordin, Blake, Chris. Blake was okay, but it was a safe performance. I'm still amazed the judges said nothing about Jordin's straining!

Jas said:  I'm sorry but I don't think Lakisha has star potential. It is obvious that the judges don't think so either. She does have a big powerful voice but too many times she is screaming the song rather than actually singing it. Melinda and Jordin are not only both better singers but also better performers. She does have a good chance of getting a record deal after all this because lets face it they seem to be handing them out to anybody that was on the show.

Bobby D. from L.A. said:
Thank Goodness, I wasn't the only one puzzled by the judges comments: "the best vocal of all 6 seasons?" Jordin is a good singer, but it she sung too close too the end of her range, it was loud, and it seemed she shouted the high notes. The judges definitely have a commercial agenda, and I think it is sick. The best singer should win, not the one they think is more marketable. Shame on them.

meredith from Texas said:
I couldn't believe that the judges did not say better things about Blake! He did so well and I love how he pronounces every word. I absolutely thought he should have gotten a better review from the judges. Melinda is great too. She is classy. However, she needs to start showing a more youthful side. She is starting to bore me. Phyll Stacy?? I don't get why he is even still on the show. He should go before anyone. Jordin is good, but that song was boring. I wouldn't care to watch it again. I feel like the judges are pushing her as well.

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