Idol Carr Rejected, but not Ejected, and More American Idol Rumors Put to Rest
Seems two of the contestants who were rumored to be cut from American Idol,  Sean Michel and Ashlyn Carr, were alive and well in the competition yesterday as we all saw on the first half of American Idol's Hollywood week.  The Houstonian online which broke the story of 'supposed' criminal charges lingering in Carr's recent past retracted their story and posted a correction just a few hours ago.  Of course in the ensuing days between, their erred version of the events caused much undue speculation.

The Houstonian ran with a story that Ashlyn Carr had been arrested and charged with criminal mischief after pouring sugar in her ex-boyfriend's gas tank.  Naturally this propelled rumors that the svelt contestant would be cut from competition, even we ran with the notion that American Idol producers would shy from controversy as they usually do.  As it turns out, the issue has been reduced to a civil issue and Carr will not be charged.   News wasn't so good for Carr in Hollywood though,  she had her chance to perform and was summarily cut for the competition.  A surprise to many who were captivated by her American Idol San Antonio audition.

Rumors over Sean Michel's ejection from the show caused quite a stir when it spread that he was being removed from the American Idol competition for refusing to alter his 'Fidel Castro' look.  Outraged fans of Michel and American Idol in general took to the message board to decry this apparent fracture in American Idol's usually all inclusive ways.  Well, Michel was at Hollywood week after all and his performance  was good enough to get him through to another episode, hair, beard, hat, and all.

It just goes to show you that the American Idol rumor mill can be as innaccurate as any other in Hollywood, sometimes even more so!  As for the other lingering controversies, we'll just have to tune in tonight to see if American Idol can get beyond the drama and onto the music.