Howard Stern: Ellen DeGeneres Will Ruin 'Idol'
And since when did you care for what you called a "f--ing karaoke show"?

Just when we thought the issue with Howard Stern supposedly replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol has died down, he speaks again. On his radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, he asserted that the show's newest judge, Ellen DeGeneres, will ruin the competition.

"Everyone goes, 'If Howard Stern takes over American Idol, Ellen DeGeneres might leave,'" he said. "Well, yeah, that's the whole f--ing idea. I'm not going to sit there with her--that dummy."

What he said was, of course, in reference to what Ellen supposedly thinks about the whole Stern-on-Idol issue. Reports have been circulating that she is totally opposed to the idea. "Ellen has told just about anyone who will listen that she's totally opposed to the idea," an insider told the Chicago Sun-Times last week, adding that she plans to leave the show if the shock jock is hired.

Now that's a feud I'd rather see. I mean, rather than those Simon vs. Ellen rumors...

(Image courtesy of Sirius)