Gambling Sites Project Lakisha for Next American Idol Elimination. Wha?
It is American Idol night, and that can only mean one thing.  No, not another sly Sanjaya headline. Betting time! This year the online odds-makers have been doing a slightly worse than usual job at predicting who will go home on American Idol, but this week some are just way out in never-never land., for instance, predicting Lakisha will go home?  Get out of town!   I have a feeling Lakisha will be soulfully doing her thing in the American Idol competition for quite some time.
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The sultans of all things betting at g911 attribute this bold prediction to an all around decline in search traffic for the soul singer.  No search, no interest.  No interest.  No votes!  On the surface, it seems a viable point, but people do not vote by searching.  They vote by calling, or texting.  I’m not of the opinion, personally, that the average American Idol fan is going to be giving their favorite contestant a good Google once over before they decide whether or not to start punching speed dial.

Now, before you take my dismay too seriously, I would like to point out that g911 actually agreed with me, against the odds, that Chris Sligh would go home, which resulted in an 8:1 payout for betters.  (Good time to mention I don’t bet, or suggest you do.  I just like playing the odds.)

So what does the spread look for this week?  Here we go, from safe to ‘count me out’.


Of course, these odds are given prior to tonight’s performances so things could look considerably different tomorrow.  If we were looking at this in terms of the Chris Sligh upset a Lakisha elimination would not net nearly as many greenbacks.  To get to that neighborhood the unthinkable would have to happen:  Sanjaya would have to be voted off.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy FOX)

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