Frank Sinatra Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
Frank Sinatra Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
Did this year's American Idol finalists do Frank Sinatra's songs justice? I expect a million answers to that. For me,  it was a mixed bag--some were bad, some were good. The one thing I'm sure of: there aren't any jaw-droppingly awesome performances last night. It can mean two things: the theme didn't fit the Top 5, or the Top 5 just aren't able to do the Chairman of the Board any justice. What do you think?

Flying to the moon: Lee Dewyze's "That's Life"

Picking this week's best was a little hard. I would've gone for Crystal Bowersox's lovely subdued "Summer Wind", but it didn't sound as confident as needed in the middle. So top honors this week go to Lee Dewyze: apart from the Sinatra swagger, he managed to make the song a little bit like his own, despite the challenges. But nothing beats this week's absolute best...

Better Than Anyone Performing this Week: Harry Connick, Jr. as Guest Mentor

Simply because he knows what he's talking about, he's quite a joker, and he's nice enough to actually arrange the performances this week. You might say he's just trying to get back on the spotlight, but I think he tried his best to ease the finalists through Sinatra week. The questionable results aren't his fault.

Crashing to the ground: Casey James' "Blue Skies"

I had to listen to this song thrice only to understand what makes this bad. Those three times, he just passed by me, not grabbing my attention. It was, to put it nicely, hesitant karaoke. I think Casey wants that free meal more than the distinction of being this year's American Idol.

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