For Those Who are Too Young to Audition...
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol, has coupled together with FremantleMedia to generate a special summer program called Idol Camp that would cater to aspiring pop stars between ages 12 to 15, those who are just too young to be on American Idol.

Currently, American Idol only accommodates hopefuls who are between the ages of 16-28. With Idol Camp, youngsters are accepted to train in preparation for their goals of becoming a future idol by making the most out of their summers by taking part in this art-filled endeavor.

An interesting feature of Idol Camp is the inclusion of some guest celebrities, not to mention other former American Idol contestants, as well as other industry veterans. Nevertheless, their contribution to the seminars do not guarantee a sure entry to Hollywood or a spot on American Idol.

Unlike the show American Idol, Idol Camp contains a non-competitive training ground, which is mixed with loads of fun. In addition, the 700 participating adolescents do not have to audition in front of notorious judge Simon Cowell. Composed of song writing, acting, singing, dancing classes and audition techniques, the program aims to hone kids while they enjoy under the uniquely branded curriculum.

Fremantle executive vice president Keith Hindle said, "As in American Idol, the goal for our kids is to soar beyond their expectations…However; because Idol Camp is not a competition, every kid goes home a winner."

So Far, there are four Idol Camp sessions scheduled for the summer of 2007.

Session A: July 7 - 16
Session B: July 21 - 30
Session C: August 4 - 13
Session D: August 18 - 27

The 10-day session with former Idols and other celebrities will cost $2,900. The summer program will take place at a private school in Massachusetts. On the other hand, some participants will be qualified for scholarships, to accommodate a variety of kids from all walks of life. Ultimately, the launch of Idol Camp marks a new sensation, as well as the establishment of American Idol as a brand.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: E!Online