Fifth 'American Idol' Runner- Up Talks About Her Image, Dating and Starting a Family
Former American Idol finalist Katharine McPhee recently made the cover of Stuff magazine.  In the accompanying interview, McPhee talked about several topics, including her provocative pose on the cover of her self-titled debut album.

"People made a big deal out of [my album cover being racy]," McPhee told the men’s magazine.  "They said, 'She's a slut, blah blah blah.' But I'm really not showing that much skin. It's all suggested."

The 22-year-old singer also said that what the public saw on the American Idol stage is only one side of her complex personality.

“There are different sides of me. On American Idol, people saw the side that is very professional and put together,” she explained to Stuff Magazine.  “But there’s this other side of me that’s outgoing, energetic and wild—and did really stupid things in college.

Such things include standing over an air grate in Boston while wearing a small skirt and taking her friends to Coyote Ugly, where “the girls were taking their bras off.”

Katharine McPhee also shared some stories from her younger days, and claimed that because she studied in an all-girls school, she was very eager to get a boyfriend.  At present, she is dating 41-year-old broadway performer, Nick Cokas.

When asked whether she truly prefers going out with older men, McPhee replied, “When I turned 21, I thought it was a good age to explore.  You’re no longer a teenager, so it’s OK [to date older guys].  I gravitated toward them, and I love them.  They’re just wiser, and they’re less about themselves and more about you.”

Katharine McPhee met Cokas when they were cast in the musical, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, last year. In May, The National Enquirer reported that the couple was seen checking out wedding cakes, with McPhee telling a customer that she and Cokas were getting married.   A representative for the singer denied the reports, but McPhee told Stuff magazine that she does have plans of settling down eventually.

"I want to have, like, 15 babies. I've always wanted to be pregnant," McPhee said.  "One year for Halloween, I decided to be pregnant, so I got this nun costume, and I put a big belly under it.  I showed my parents and said I want to go to school as a pregnant nun. My dad sat me down and said, 'Katharine, you can't!'"

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of Wire Image)