Emmys 2007: How Did American Idol's Ryan Seacrest Handle the Hosting Duties?
There was a fair amount of skepticism regarding FOX's choice to hand over the Emmy hosting reigns to American Idol host and friend of the Teeny-bopper Ryan Seacrest this year.  There was no controversy, per se, because it's really not that big of a deal.  It's not like Seacrest's Emmy appointment was out of nowhere, either.  FOX has been known to shamelessly flog its own assets and as the best host on the FOX network, it was wholly reasonable that he host a major award show.  The only problem was that the trend for major awards shows has been to hand over hosting duties to comedians.  Ryan Seacrest is no comedian. 

But, he's kind of funny.  I'm of the belief that Ryan Seacrest receives far more undue crap from the general public than is warranted, simply because he is “Ryan Seacrest”.  After I extensively covered American Idol last season, I gained an appreciation for Seacrest and his hosting prowess.  He's self-deprecating, quick on his feet, diplomatic, and unflappable.  He's not that funny, but he's not unfunny, which is important.  He doesn't force bad jokes.  He's no Carrot Top or Carlos Mencia, which is great.  The question going into the Emmys, then, was whether or not Seacrest would feel the need to attempt humor or simply host the show and let others provide the funny. 

Much of the opening monologue pressure was taken off by a fun little musical number from the animated Stewie and Brian Griffin from Family Guy.  Seacrest then appeared on stage for a short opening monologue, which had a few laughs (staring down Teri Hatcher induced a cackle or two from me) but he mostly introduced the show in a seamless, painless manner.  And that's pretty much the story of the night.  Seacrest had a few laughs, only a couple of blown jokes, kept the show moving, and never bogged it down with his own personality. The Seacrest highlight of the night had to be when he came out on stage in a The Tudors-inspired costume and took a jab at his own, oft-questioned sexuality. 

Seacrest wasn't as omnipresent as previous, and funnier, hosts but that was OK.  This year's Emmys were a more laid-back affair than most years.  Seacrest's breezy presence suited the night well and, although I'd rather have Conan O'Brien be my host, you can't blame Seacrest.  He was fine. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of MSNBC)