Do's and Don't's for Ellen on 'American Idol'
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
As the Black Eyed Peas famously and annoyingly sang, "tonight's going to be a good night." Or is it? With the debut of Ellen De Generes as a permanent American Idol judge, we have more than a few concerns about the comedienne's new role at the judge's table. Blame it on her failed joke of a guest judge stint on So You Think You Can Dance or her penchant for making her own guest's dance, but Ellen's Idol audition could very well go the way of every other Idol audition: train wreck or surprisingly awesome.

We're rooting for Ellen to wow us, so we've created a list of the top "do's and don't's" for her Idol success. If she just follows this simple list, we'll hopefully be singing Ellen's praises, instead of grimacing at lame punchlines and unfortunate dance moves.


* Represent the perspective of the music fan.

* Use your sense of humor to diffuse Simon's crankiness

* Engage all the judges and not just Simon. While we're watching to see how she deals with him, there are two other people beside her.

* Crack jokes.

* Show your famous empathy.

* Establish a distinct voice and perspective from the panel.

* Show off your Idol knowledge.

*  She said she's the viewer's voice. Stay that way.

* Keep it simple. We don't want the show to run overtime again.


* Dance to (or on) the judges' table

* Rely on a the first lame punch line you come up with, ala your guest stint on So You Think You Can Dance.

* Make the contestants dance for their judging.

* Rely too much on personality or a sense of humor in judging a contestant....this is still a singing competition.

* Promote your own show constantly.

* Buddy up with Kara DioGuardi.

* Try to demonstrate the vocals.

* Do a Kara and strip on stage during the finale.

* Try to take Paula's Place.

What are your top do's and don'ts for Ellen's American Idol debut tonight?