Cinema Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
Cinema Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
This is probably the first time this season when I didn't really feel that excited for American Idol. We have a theme recycled from last year, a mentor recycled from last year, and songs recycled from last year, not to mention them being either cheesy or terribly out of place. Not even the idea of duets--a concept introduced during Top 4 week last year--got me giddy.

And my expectations were both affirmed and busted. Yes, the solos weren't that good. The songs were cheesy and everyone except for Crystal played it safe. But the duets weren't as disastrous as I thought: everyone got that right, and it was more Adam/Allison than Kris/Danny.

First at the box office: Casey James and Michael Lynche's "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?"

A good duet always has two singers complementing each other, and that's what Casey and Big Mike did. Sure, the song was cheesy, and it could've meant bad things for Team Goat Cheese, but the two stayed the course, played up to their strengths, and actually turned in an unexpectedly good performance.

Second at the box office: Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze's "Falling Slowly"

I want to say the same thing for Crystal and Lee's take on "Falling Slowly", but it floundered for two reasons. One, they gave it a rocker edge--as you'd expect--and ended up taking away the very thing that made the original quite a heart-melting experience. Two, this song was also performed by last year's winner, Kris Allen, and memorably at that. Sure, the chemistry was there, but the end result was a bit watered down.

Last at the box office: Lee Dewyze's "Kiss From A Rose"

Apart from Crystal's solo performance, all the others were frankly quite forgettable, but Lee's take on "Kiss From A Rose" was the worst of the bunch. Just when you thought he got the formula right, he decided to be awkward on stage again, and the result was an underwhelming performance from the person we now call this year's frontrunner. Talk about bad reviews amidst strong hype.

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