'Celebrity Apprentice': Bret Michaels Kept 'American Idol' Appearance a Secret from Doctors
After gathering his strength to compete on the Celebrity Apprentice finale, Poison frontman Bret Michaels headed over to the American Idol season finale. He gave a surprise performance on the competition, but the ones who were most shocked were his doctors.

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The Rock of Love star took the stage with his band Poison, belting out their hit single "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." American Idol fans were blown away, particularly when Bret Michaels stepped out with top-three finalist Casey James.

The Celebrity Apprentice 3 winner has been making headlines for his health lately. He suffered from a brain hemorrhage earlier this month and was told to take a break from his busy schedule. However, the musician showed just how passionate he was about his career. He found it easy to defy doctors' orders just so he could be on American Idol.

Besides, being on stage rocking out is therapy for Bret Michaels.

MTV News quotes him saying: "I needed to be here and do this because it's been two months since I played. It's been a month and a half in the hospital. It was such an amazing feeling to come out here and jam with Casey." He talked to reporters at the Nokia Theatre after his American Idol gig, proving once and for all that he really is a fighter.

Michaels also revealed, "I didn't tell [my doctors] I was going to do this. I just told them I was doing the Celebrity Apprentice finale. They're going to find out in a minute. But I feel great, I gotta be honest. There's still a lot of pain I'm still experiencing. [But] except for a little hitch ... my left side from the ... stroke, I feel amazing."

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He almost didn't make the show either. "I can't believe my family let me out. I may not have told them either; I left a few things out," the Rock of Love star went on. "But I needed this for my soul. Honestly. It was a great experience."

(Image Courtesy of WENN)